What Are Franchise Buyers Really Buying?

It looks like a franchise buyer is buying a new business. But, it’s more than that. Here’s what they’re really buying.

  • They’re buying your concept.
  • They’re buying the future of your brand.
  • They’re buying your experience, and your trial and error.
  • They’re buying the happy, positive referrals that they hear from your current franchise owners.
  • They’re buying your expected support, guidance, vision, and hand-holding.
  • They’re buying the sales / profit expectations of a franchise unit.
  • They’re buying your trust and respect.
  • They’re buying a “feeling” that if they invest in your concept and follow your system, they’ll have a good chance of being successful.

The reality is that no person can truly evaluate a business opportunity in several phone calls and a few meetings. Since there aren’t any franchises yet in existence, there are no referrals for the franchise buyer to call. All they can really decide is if they like the business concept and if they like you, trust you, respect you, and feel that you’ll be there to help them.

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