Some Reasons For Franchising Your Business.

For the small business owner, franchising is a way of quickly growing their company by “acquiring” growth capital and dedicated local management from the franchise buyer.

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Why Should You Franchise?

  • To grow.
  • To grow quickly ahead of potential competitors.
  • To grow your system-wide sales quickly by adding branch locations.
  • To get franchise buyers who invest their own money.
  • To minimize employee headaches by getting an onsite owner to handle the finding, training, and supervising of employees. “An owner doesn’t call in sick.”
  • To get quality local management who will increase sales, lower expenses, increase customer satisfaction, and maintain quality standards. Just as a property owner will take care of a property better than a tenant, a franchise owner will manage a location better than a company employee.
  • To reduce your financial risk of opening and operating branch locations since the franchise buyer takes on this risk.
  • To lessen corporate overhead since an onsite owner doesn’t need as much supervisory oversight as company owned locations.
  • To increase your buying and marketing power.
  • To let people in other parts of the country enjoy your concept.
  • To get local franchisees who will be totally dedicated only to your product line if you distribute a product.
  • To take the business to the next level.
  • To free up your time so that you can grow the business since the franchise owner takes care of the branch location’s day-to-day operating headaches relieving you of that responsibility.
  • To retain your current key employees by giving them a path to grow with the company.
  • To help other people get into a business for themselves in your field and become successful.
  • To cash in on your hard work and experience by “selling” it to others.
  • To establish a network of locations and be able to service national accounts.
  • To maximize your equity / value / sale price with the least effort.
  • To provide a profitable exit strategy to sell out after you’ve established a number of franchises.
  • To make money.
  • Etc.

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