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Our experience, knowledge, personal attention, and quality of work are the best in this field. We have long relationships with our clients.

With our guidance, our clients have sold several thousand franchises.

Services For Companies Starting A Franchise Program

All of the work that we do — Planning / Research / Disclosure Documents / Operations Control Manuals / Marketing and Selling Programs — is interrelated. Our entire staff works closely together with you.

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Your Franchising Concept

We’ll review your current business concept and determine changes that would be needed for franchising.

We’ll determine the best ways to structure your controls, policies, and contracts, based on current standards in franchising, efficiency, and profitability.

We’ll determine the financial terms of your franchise relationship (initial franchise fees, royalties, advertising fees, etc.) and lay out the guidelines for the franchisor / franchisee relationship.

  • We’ll determine if you should offer a protected territory, the type to be used, and the criteria for establishing the territory.
  • We’ll determine a typical franchisee’s investment to get started and a realistic return on investment.

Market Research

  • We’ll research other similar franchise concepts and those that may appeal to your ideal franchise buyer, analyze their strengths and weaknesses, and make sure that your franchise is more desirable.


Planning is the key!

  • We’ll develop a franchise plan for your company including support services you should provide to the franchisees both in their start-up phase and ongoing.
  • We’ll determine how your assistance and support services will grow and evolve as the number of franchises grows so that we may structure your program to allow for these changes and protect your future options.
  • We’ll determine a realistic pace of expansion and the organization structure you will need in place to support this growth.

The information, decisions, and strategies developed during the planning phase are critical to the proper development of the disclosure documents, operations manuals, and the franchise marketing strategy and materials. Development of these documents without proper planning could lead to problems.

Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

Working with experienced franchise lawyers, we’ll help prepare the documents you will need in order to franchise, such as the Disclosure Document which includes the Franchise Agreement.

  • The Disclosure Document provides the potential franchisee with detailed background information on the franchise company, such as, the business concept, funds required by the franchisee, training provided, termination provisions, etc. This document is required by law before you can sell a franchise.
  • The Franchise Agreement defines the relationship between you (the franchisor) and each franchisee. This document protects your image and reputation. It helps ensure a uniform and consistent operation. It must reflect the latest developments and it must be flexible and capable of accommodating future business changes.

Regulatory Approvals

  • We’ll deal with the regulatory authorities in certain states that require approval of your franchise documents before you can offer franchises for sale. Our relationship with these regulators, built over the years, should help smooth the way and overcome obstacles.

Policies, Procedures, And Controls

We’ll review your existing systems, procedures, and controls and determine if they need to be modified or strengthened for a successful franchise operation.

  • The franchisee must have all the systems, procedures and methods in place and functioning smoothly in order to learn and run the operation as quickly as possible. More importantly, the franchisee must be programmed to operate the business your way.
  • We’ll develop a Franchise Control Manual. Its style, format, and tone will help enable you to enforce your rules, regulations, policies, and procedures and help provide consistency from one franchise to the next.

Franchise Buyers

  • We’ll prepare the overall formats and copy for ads, websites, and marketing materials, that comply with federal and state laws, and determine the best ways to find interested buyers.

Franchise Selling

Our selling techniques, methods and secrets have enabled our clients over the years to sell several thousand franchises.

  • We’ll guide and coach your staff in selling, keeping in mind that you must only sell to people who will be good to work with, will follow your system, and give a good reference to future franchise buyers.

Feasibility Studies

  • Some clients have questions concerning their return on investment, their ability to compete in the franchise marketplace, the organization needed to support a franchise program, the advantages of franchising, etc. Drawing on a wide range of research sources, we can help answer these questions with an in-depth feasibility study and business plan. This plan can also be used for presentations to potential investors. If we don’t think you’re ready to franchise, we’ll tell you what steps you need to take before starting a franchise program.

Services For Established Franchise Companies

Ongoing Support

  • Once your franchise program is developed, we can provide ongoing support covering such areas as marketing of the franchises, building your organization, general management advice, setting priorities, time management, delegating, meeting your goals, updating your documents and manuals, etc.

If We Didn’t Develop Your Franchise Program

  • If we didn’t develop your franchise program, we may still be able to help. We help companies that got poor results because they “tried to franchise by themselves”, “used a franchise attorney”, or “used a small local consultant”. (We attempt to salvage as much of the work developed to date as possible.) As franchising grows, structuring your franchise program correctly will become more and more important.

International Franchising

  • We help clients “go global”. We assist U.S. companies in going abroad as well as help foreign companies come to the U.S